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Research Process Tools


research process 3.jpg

Follow the Process

Define your task:

  • Choose a broad topic
  • Get an overview of that topic
  • Narrow the topic
    • Reflection - Is my topic appropriate?
  • Develop a thesis or statement of purpose
    • Reflection - Does my thesis or statement of purpose represent an effective, overall concept of my research?

Identify, access, learn about resources and develop strategies necessary to retrieve and use the resources:

  • Formulate questions to guide research
    • Reflection- Do the questions provide a foundation for my Research?
  • Plan for research and production
    • Reflection - Is the research/production plan workable?


  • Gathering
  • Sifting
  • Sorting

Where will I find what I need and how will I assess it for quality?

  • Find and analyze Sources
    • Reflection - Are my sources usable and adequate?
  • Evaluate Sources
    • Reflections - How do I know my sources are authoritative?  Can I prove that they are?

How will I gather and record my information for my project?

  • Extract information from well-chosen sources
  • Use strategies and tools necessary to retrieve information from a variety of sources
  • Be prepared to credit the sources that are used
  • Have a system of organization prepared to keep track of the elements of my research
    • Reflection - Are my sources usable and adequate?
    • Reflection - Is my system working to keep track of my research notes and citations?

Evaluate Evidence/Establish Conclusions/Organize and Outline

  • Take notes
  • Complete Bibliography
    • Reflection - Is my research complete?
  • Review major points, questions and conclusions
    • Reflection - Are my conclusions based on research evidence?
    • Reflection - Does my outline logically organize my conclusions and evidence?

Create and present the final project

  • Reflection - Is my paper/project satisfactory?  Review, edit and complete your final draft to complete your project.


The Big 6

The Big 6 - Research Process

Follow this alternative Process

for Research Success