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Welcome to the Harper Band!

Up Next

9-4-2018       7:00 p.m.       Harper C-16                  All Parents are invited!

                      Band Boosters Meeting


10-2-2018     7:00 p.m.       Harper C-16                  All Parents are invited!

                      Band Boosters Meeting


10-9-2018     7:30 p.m.       DHS : Brunelle Hall      All Bands

                     Fall Band Concert


Calendar below may be updated in the fall when there is more information.  Calendar will also be announced in class.

Harper Bands - Important Dates for 2018-2019


     Date           Time                  Event                                        Location                           Who


9-4-2018       7:00 p.m.    Band Boosters Meeting               Harper : Room C-16          All parents are invited


TBD              7:00 p.m.    DHS Pep Band Rehearsal           DHS Bandroom                 9th graders


9-26-2018     8:55 a.m.    Morning Rehearsal                      Harper : Room C-16          All bands!


10-2-2018    7:00 p.m.    Band Boosters Meeting               Harper : Room C-16           All parents are invited


10-9-2018    7:00 p.m.    Fall Band Concert                        DHS : Brunelle Hall            All bands!


TBD              6:00 p.m.    DHS Homecoming Pep Band      DHS Bandroom/Stadium    9th graders


TBD              12:40 p.m.  Lunch Concert                             Quad                                  TBD


11-6-2018    7:00 p.m.    Band Boosters Meeting               Harper : Room C-16           All parents are invited


11-14-2018   Info            NBHB Recording due                  To Mrs. Sanchez : C-16      All Students


12-4-2018    7:00 p.m.    Band Boosters Meeting               Harper : Room C-16           All parents are invited


12-12-2018  8:55 a.m.    Morning Rehearsal                      Harper : Room C-16           All bands!


12-12-2018  7:00 p.m.    DJUSD Jazz Extravaganza          DHS : Brunelle Hall            Jazz Band


12-18-2018   7:00 p.m.   Winter Concert                             DHS : Brunelle Hall             All bands!


TBD              11:25 a.m.  Lunch Time Concert                    Korematsu Elementary       All 8th-9th Graders


1-18 to 1-20  All Day        North Bay Honor Band (NBHB)  Pioneer HS : Woodland      Select Students (Audition)


1-15-2019    7:00 p.m.    Band Boosters Meeting               Harper : Room C-16           All parents are invited


TBD             12:40 p.m.   Lunch Concert                            Harper : Quad                     TBD


1-29-2019     7:30 p.m.    Side-by-Side Concert                 DHS : Brunelle Hall             7th grade band w/6th graders


TBD              All day        Elementary Tour : Pioneer (8:45), Korematsu (10:35), Montgomery (1:15)  Jazz Band +


2-5-2019       7:00 p.m.   Band Boosters Meeting              Harper : C-16                      All parents invited


TBD              8:55 a.m.    Morning Rehearsal                     Harper : C-16                      Jazz Band + elementary tour


2-20-2019     TBD            Sweet Notes Tech Rehearsal    Harper : C-16 and MPR      Performer reps + tech crew


TBD              12:40 p.m.  Lunch Concert                            Harper : Quad                     TBD


2-22-2019     6:00 p.m.    Sweet Notes Concert                 Harper : C-16 and MPR      7th grade band + performers


3-2 or 3-9      6:00 p.m.    Coconut Grove                           Emerson : MPR                   Jazz Band


TBD              Info            DHS Symphonic CD's due          DHS Bandroom : To Mr. Slabaugh by 4:00 p.m.


3-5-2019       7:00 p.m.    Band Boosters Meeting              Harper : Room C-16           All parents are invited


TBD               Info            DHS Jazz Band Auditions          DHS Bandroom after school (live audition)


3-16-2019     TBA            DJUSD Band Festival                 DHS : Brunelle Hall             8th-9th grade band


3-21 ???      6:00 p.m.   Harper Open House                    Harper : Quad                     Jazz Band +


TBD              12:40 p.m.  Lunch Concert                            Harper : Quad                     TBD


4-9 to 4-13    Info            Harper Jazz Band Auditions       Harper : C-16                      Interested 7th and 8th


4-2-2019       7:00 p.m.   Band Boosters Meeting              Harper : C-16                      All parents invited


4-24-2019     8:55 a.m.    Pops Rehearsal                          Harper : C-16                     All Bands!


TBD               12:40 p.m.  Lunch Concert (TBD)                 Harper : Quad                     All Bands


April 2019      All Day      Spring Band Trip / Performance  Great America                    Performance @ TBA


5-4-2019        8:00 a.m.   DJUSD Pops in the Park             Central Park in Davis         All Bands!


5-7-2019        7:00 p.m.   Band Boosters Meeting               Harper : C-16                     All parents invited


5-22-2019      8:55 a.m.    Morning Rehearsal                      Harper : C-16                     All Bands!


TBD               12:40 p.m.  Lunch Concert                             Harper : Quad                    TBD


5-31-2019      6:00 p.m.   Concert on the Quad                   Harper : Quad                    All Bands!


6-11-2019       6:00 p.m.   Freshman Celebration                 Harper : MPR and Gym     All 9th grade students


June TBD      7:00 p.m.   Band Boosters Meeting               Harper : C-16                     All parents invited


Monday, Nov. 19: All High School Honor Band Recordings are due to High School Band Director by 3:45pm. This includes Nor-Cal Honor Band, CMEA Cap Section Honor Band, and CBDA All State Honor Band. Interested 9th grade students are welcome to apply. Special Note: Some honor bands have a limit on the number of accepted students from each school. In the event we have too many auditions, the High School Band Director will make a determination as to whether or not to submit the application and recording to the respective organization. If the application and recording are NOT submitted, you will have the entire audition packet returned to you.  For audition information please visit each respective honor band's website.

Band Booster Officers



President:               Sareena Malhi


Vice Presidents:     Todd Kamisky


Treasurer:              Steven Ingram / Mona Siegal


Secretary:              Amanda Fischer

Private Group Lesson Instructors

2018-2019 : "mostly" 1st Semester

Great added feature for Harper Band students is professional small group instruction from local instructors around Davis. This ...more

Sweet Notes Sponsors


The following businesses have contributed to the Sweet

Notes 2018 fundraising event.  Contributions may be in the

form of product and/or services.  The primary use of the

revenue raised goes to offset bus transportation for the

bands Spring Trip performance and to provide scholarship

funds so all children can participate.  Please show your

support by supporting our sponsors!


Platinum Level : $250 +

Disneyland - Anaheim

Inspire Martial Arts - Davis

The Max - Davis


Gold Level : $100 - $249

3rd Street Jeweler

A Grand Affair - Davis

Ace Hardware - Davis

Aquaperfect - Sacramento

Blaze Pizza - Davis

California Academy of Sciences - San Francisco

Clarity Sound - Davis

Common Grounds - Davis

Dutch Brothers - Davis

Escape Key - Davis

Fleet Feet - Davis

Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park

J Street Studios - Davis

Jones Custom Photography - Davis

Our House - Davis

Pier 39 - San Francisco

Sacramento Kings

Target - Davis

Wildhorse Golf Club - Davis

Yolo Berry Yogurt - Davis


Silver Level : $25 - $99

Avid Reader - Davis

Awards & More - Davis

B Street Theater - Sacramento

Baskin Robbins - Davis

Black Bear Diner - Davis

Big 5 - Davis

California Museum - Sacramento

Candy House - Davis

Chabot Space & Science Center - Oakland

Cenario's Pizza - Davis

Costco - Woodland

Davis Sport Shop - Davis

Fairytale Town - Sacramento

Freewheeler - Davis

Golfland Sunsplash - Roseville

Hotdogger - Davis

In-N-Out Burger - Davis

Knitting with Naomi - Davis

Leatherby's Family Creamery - Sacramento

Mikuni - Davis

Mr. Pickle - Davis

Nugget Market - 1414 East Covell Davis

Office Max - Davis

Pizza Guys - Davis

Pluto's - Davis

Redrum Burger - Davis

Rocknasium - Davis

Sacramento River Cats

Sacramento Zoo

Safeway - 2107 Cowell Blvd. Davis

San Francisco 49'ers

Season's Restaurant - Davis

Soccer & Lifestyle - Davis

Subway - 1300 East Covell Davis

Teach Your Children - Davis

The Davis Graduate - Davis

The Good Scoop - Davis

Trader Joe's - Davis

Velocity Island Park - Woodland

Woodstock Pizza - Davis

Band Booster Leadership





       "could be you" : "could be you"

Concert on the Quad:

       Sherry Heins ; "could be you"

Direct Drive Donation:

       Steven Ingram ; Mona Siegel

Equipment/Instrument Transportation:

       Dan Heins ; "could be you"

Great America Trip:

       Gayatri Mahajan ; "could be you"

Polo Shirt Orders:

       Alan Wei ; "could be you"

Spirit T-Shirts & Merchandise:

       Alan Wei ; "could be you"

Sweet Notes - Cupcake Warz:

       Jamie Anderson ; Kimberly Wright

Sweet Notes - Decorations:

       Sareena Malhi ; Amanda Fischer

Sweet Notes - Raffle Basket Assembly:

       Sareena Malhi ; "could be you"

Sweet Notes - Raffle Basket Event Monitor:

       Mike Fischer ; Shawn Kinney

Sweet Notes - Sound/Stage Crew:

       "could be you" ; "could be you"

Sweet Notes - Corporate Sponsors:

       Sareena Malhi ; "could be you"

Sweet Notes - Ticket Sales/Raffle Tickets:

       Heather Kinney ; "could be you"


       "could be you" ; "could be you"


All the spots that need another volunteer

are labeled, "could be you."  The President

and/or Vice-President will fill in if we do not

find a volunteer in any particular year.